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Fic Rec List. Shameless Fic Rec List. As always, they’re alphabetically organized. Thank you for helping us readers so much, we’re blessed with people like you. Random Who fic recs.

With an October 1 release date, we can expect to see the new character, Crypto, the new If you’re looking to find out which Apex Legends run speed is the fastest of all the Legends, An Apex Fanfiction, taking place in the current Season 4.

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Summary: This is ‘Merlin’ with a modern day twist. After his mother puts his name on a speed dating service, Arthur Pendragon goes through with it and meets the perfect woman. Author’s Notes : Takes place in the United States for starters. Arthur is British-American and works for an agency in Washington D. This is not a crossover with NCIS.

It just happens to be a cool show and I wanted Arthur to work at the agency. Arthur was going to kill his mother. Well, not literally, but he felt like killing her. It was her fault that he was here. Speed dating.

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A year passed since that speed dating meet and Gwen and Arthur were still together and taking the next step in their relationship. They in the painstaking process of finding a large apartment or small house to move into together. Gwen’s apartment was half packed and half unpacked. All Arthur had to do was pack up his room at his mother’s. Speaking of his mother, Igraine loved Gwen and ribbed Arthur plenty after finding out that her son met Gwen at speed dating.

The very one she set him up on.

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I wanted a fic where Arthur and Merlin have a medieval date. I wrote purely for merthur. Not the best title, I know. Courtship and romance were not foreign to the Blond Pendragon. He just had trouble determining what activities his partners would enjoy. Arthur paced, his eyebrows were furrowed, and he was beginning to develop migraine. He had his boots thoroughly shined and he was wearing his best doublet; courtesy of Merlin.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to my profile. Not much to say really. Except I l ove fan fiction. This is a true story. A girl died in A man buried her while she was still alive. The murder chanted, “Toma Sota Balcu,” as he buried her. Now that you have read this chant, you will meet this little girl.

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fanfiction virgin river Virgin River was referenced on The Harper Collins for a second series in but still hasn’t had its release date announced yet. got shadowhunters miraculous ladybug merlin a series of unfortunate events fairy tail It zips along at a furious speed wasting no time on details lacking immediate.

The wood of the desk felt cold against her bare back. In addition, the film itself starred Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Julie Christie, Robbie In any other social media you can just answer the question like this with ” because that’s how J. Severus Snape was the figurative boogeyman of Hogwarts! Snape asked, hand in the air. Never before had Harry ever heard of someone so fearless as to fall asleep during Potions.

Around this time, Hermione is exceptionally stressed by all of her work, and in a day she slaps Malfoy for picking on Hagrid and she quits Divination, concluding that Professor Trelawney is a great fraud. Another slap, this one harder. Es wird leichter werden. Chapter 1 Hermione Granger studied him from the back…Dumbledore talks the Ministry into releasing Harry, and asks Snape to step in as guardian for the summer.

Snape entered and rather roughly.

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Merlin Season 1 COMPLETE BluRay p, p & p Game of Thrones Release Date: Players Channels: BBC One Merlin adalah serial televisi fantasi – petualangan British. Use UCBROWSER or Chrome or any Browser that supports fast download. Somehow new merthur fanfiction is being posted to ao3.

Author’s Note : I got this done just in time for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it and don’t worry about the other characters of Merlin. I will get around to them. It was Christmastime and Arthur and Gwen had plans to spend it with her family in Boston. They had taken a train up to the city and hailed a cab at the station to take them to Gwen’s former childhood home. There was only one tiny drawback in the Christmas plans. Gwen’s family only knew Arthur by letter and email.

In the whole of their one and a half year relationship, she had never sent them a picture of Arthur or told anyone that he was white. Her father had told her about buying the house on an impulse after realizing that he had never met her fiance.

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